A thought or two I must give to the latest developing situation in Italy and especially in Romania.

Situation A – Italy

A country where democracy has been for a long time but lately seems that, in one way or the other, this democracy is going for a DIY democracy, with for one man only show. For those that aren’t informed about situation please see links:



On short Berlusconi’s wish is to be left alone by the press that is rising up questions on his bussines. To be reminded that due to the immunity that he has with his function of Prime Minister he cannot be directly judged and/or incriminated for any type of crimes or violations. To be reminded that he has lots of court trials, one that lasted about 18 years to reach one conclusion: not guilty.

On the other hand, in same Italy there is a so-called party that made alliance with Berlusconi’s PdL (formerly know as Forza Italia) named Lega Nord, a nationalist party that acts for cleaning out the northern part of country for immigrants and for southern people. For years in the northern part of Italy – yes is true that is more advanced in matter of economy and other things, as I were saying for years in these parts of Italy the people from the southern parts were forbidded to enter in some shops, to rent houses – on short their rights wasn’t the same as the northern people. This party always threaten with gunning down southern people and immigrants, to separate from the rest of Italy.

I say: is this the democracy that it supposed to be? No free press, no free people, no free thoughts.

Situation B – Romania

Romania came out after a situation of about 45 years of communism and 25 years of dictatorial regime of Ceausescu (see wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceausescu). Still, leading the country now is an ex communist, maybe not an active one but never the less a communist, in person of Traian Basescu (wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traian_B%C4%83sescu). To be honest I’ve have voted for him because in those moments he seemd to be well intended and he seemed to be a valid alternative to Ion Iliescu (devoted communist) and Adrian Nastase (a wannabe democratic communist).

But now things have changed. Press freedom is almost near to zero because mostly newspapers are sustained with public money and if they are talking bad about Basescu or his friends ends to no money. The others are against Basescu therefore no free press again: ordered articles, guiding lines to make look bad Basescu.

Democracy here in Romania is limited due to the poverty or Romanians. Poverty that chokes the freedom of doing things, of being well informed, chokes the will to know more, to develop ideas…

In the list of democracy index made by The Economist Italy is on 29th with a 7.98 index, with a complete democracy. Instead Romania is situated on 50th with a  7.06 index, faulty democracy.

The common question for these two countries is: where is democracy? Who made the normal road and who took a shortcut seeing that the actual problems are identical to both countries? But is it normal that after long years of democracy in Italy it comes to this: press oppressed by few? Romania has the excuse that is a young democracy but… no excuse is good when it comes to this: the thought, the ideas to be restricted.

For those that would like to know more on Romania visit these links



Thanks for spending time reading my lines. Have a nice life!