Even if I use computers since 1998 and I know about blogs and how they work since they came out to the light till now I never considered as an urgent need to have one… Nothing is changed… just feel the need to share my thoughts because the other day I’ve got a community rules’ violation notice for an answer that I’ve posted to a stupid question – not offensive in the eyes os those from Yahoo Answers Italy. The question: why only the southern kids are crying our loud, screaming and eating?

For those that doesn’t know the situation in Italy of the 21st century there is this discrimination between North and South, with the explicit and addicted thought of superior human beings of the North against the South.

And… further more seems like that Yahoo Answers Italy is doing by itself a discrimination by not banning the question but the answers… This is not the first case of discrimination against answerers, not the first one against me… and certainly not the first one or the last one against people that answers by defending the persons offended by that question.

Anyhow: about me and this blog… Just pure thoughts that I feel to share with you, to know what you think and what you’ll do… Mostly will be in English and therefore I must excuse myself with you if sometimes you’ll see grammar mistakes or other. My native language is Romanian.

Some posts will be also in Romanian or Italian because I consider that some things should be addressed to that persons, Romanians or Italians because the topic in that post refers to situations or ideology for that particulat moment and that particular nations. If you want to know what I’ve wrote than ask for the translation of the article.

Ok! And who cares about your thoughts – you might ask… Honestly I don’t know the answer. I’m just feeling that need of sharing thoughts.

This should be my first post. I’ll open up the wine and cheer! Bye all and thanks.