On my previous post I was debating the DIY democracy of two states, Italy and Romania, so far away – economically speaking, and so far away as democracy experience but so close to the real facts of democracy: press liberty and liberty of thoughts. View here the post.

In that post I was mentioning a Democracy index, built up by The Economist. If you view this Democracy Index you’ll see that in the Top 10 of the democracy there are 7 countries which has a full democracy with constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.We are talking about Sweden 1st place and Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zeeland, Luxembourg and Austalia. In the Top 20 there are – Top 10 apart, other constitutional monarchy such as  Canada, Spain, Japan and Belgium.

Doing an overview you’ll notice that almost all countries reached a high economical state. See here the list by GDP (gross domestic product). Also in some of these countries life expectancy (at birth should be mentioned) is also great – see here the CIA list and here the Wikipedia List.

Now I raise up the question: is this for real? I mean… taking a better look seems that monarcy (constitutional one) is the way to go. Or is it the political system of those countries? Or is it that the presence or the need of voting one president is not so good due to the multiple parties involved in the elections. In monarchy there is one eternal theoretical leader (king or queen) with a changing Prime Minister AND just a bunch of  parties (2 at least and 4 at max). I always liked that saying : you don’t f**k the Queen. And always admired the british political system.

Why other countries do not follow the monarchy example? Or at least the political system of those countries. In Romania there are 6 parties that bites one each other’s butt, when presidential elections occur there are at least 5 candidates but not a single valid one and there is always a Joker Party, that acts like a mercenary – who pais better has it all! I am talking about UDMR and Partidul Conservator.

Honestly I am for the monarchy, for the Northen Countries’ monarchy. But than again I am also for a dictatorial system. Why? I’ll explain later.

Let me see how you think of this constitutional monarchy, about the facts mentiond in these lines!

Thanks for reading my lines… Have a good life!