EN: It got viral (oh dear! this is the first time when I’m using words that I don’t know the meaning of) over the net a short clip from the movie “Downfall” (2004), in original “Der Untergang”, with Hitler and his staff in the bunker on his last days, doing a brief on situation and then breaking balls to them.
I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Anyway, here’s a little gathering of all these variants that are made on the movie. By the way, watch the movie because is interesting. And no, I’m not a Hitler’s admirer. Remember that is just for fun.
I do not own any of the following clips. I am not responsible for any kind of words or ideas showed in the clips. Viewer’s discretion is advised because there are offensive words used.
First things first: the original clip, in german with english subtitles.
What follows is not in a specific order, just as I found them on youtube.
After the original, here Hitler finds out that he’s on YouTube:

Problem!!!Daughter pregnant:

Don’t fart in the bunker!

He gets fired from McDonald’s

His iPhone is broken

His iPhone is stolen but…iPhone 4s gets out and he’s pissed off!

He finds out of Chuck Norris’ return:

Hitler and Superbowl winners – Packers

Mixed up Christmas presents:

Banned from XBox Live

Harry Potter ended in the wrong way

He is cancelled from Facebook

Here he finds out that Santa don’t exist

Farting problems

Well these are the funniest ones that I know of. Please feel free to comment about this post or any on the clips here or put links to other clips that you know.
PS: The romanian version will come later.