To the decisional factors in LG Mobile B
We bought this phone – P920 because we’ve trusted you, being an innovating company, hoping for a good product,with good support and regular updates.
But, as the time passed by, while some other phones, with lower specs, did get regular and latest updates, you treated us with ignorance, giving us the “ghost call” issue, battery drain and other problems that we choosed to ignore or choosed to adjust by ourselves.
But now, when you did promised an ICS update, we’ve waited patiently but to no vain. It hurts us feeling treated like a second hand customers, like feeling betrayed by a company in which we’ve put our trust and hopes.
Please give us the ICS update we deserve to have or be sure that you’ll lose some more actual and potential customers and not only on Mobile Division but on some other divisions like TV mostly
Myself I’m an owner of 2 LG P920, a LG 50PX950N, a LG HiFi System, LG washing machine and LG refrigerator. But, seeing how you treat me, I do feel in debt with you but mostly with my friends NOT TO RECOMMAND anymore any LG product what so ever.
Yours truly an unsatisfied lost customer