Hello all
Nice to see you againg my dearest readers and followers.
As you’ve noticed I’m passing a identity crisis time, my annual identity crisis time. Yeah! I know! Must see a doctor.
It’s just this time that gets me… winter holidays especially. Another one, with full of fake sympathy, of fake care for the poorest people…”Let’s be nice this Christmas!” – it’s a usual saying here, in Romania. Ok! Nice for Christmas and after, for another full year, till the next Christmas, let’s get killing each other.
Some news?!
I’ve passed 1000 visits/unique clicks or whatever is called – someone smarter and older in this blogging biz should enlight me please! Thanks to you all, usual and casual visitors.
I have new followers! Thanks for your support! Means a lot to me! Latest is Răzvan Pană. You can see his blog here (in Romanian mostly)
And speaking of followers and following – I’ll update my blog roll list with new blogs that I’m following lately.
One special blog is about photography, wilderness and Canada. 3 subjects in one blog. It’s the blog of Patrick Latter. You can find him here. A very special blog, with lots of outstanding photos, of wild and pure nature, of Canada. Thanks Patrick! Your photos are like a oasis of relaxation for me!
That should be all. I’ve finished pudding and got to get some sleep. I’ll wake up at 5 AM. Have a nice day, week, month, year, decade, century and life!