As posted in an early article, I said that I’m interested in a Windows Phone 8, especially Nokia Lumia 920. I’ve reconsidered my position because Lumia 920 is an expensive phone for me, with specs and things that I won’t really use. So, I switched my view towards Lumia 820, the little brother of 920, with almost same specs.

But never mind this, I’m not talking about phones here. I’m talking about applications. I’m an Android user – a disappointed one (I got bothered of Android) and I have some applications that I use on Android and I would love to have them, or their equivalent, in Windows Phone. How can I know if my application has a WP8 variant?

Just check out this site: #Switch

If you consider, like me, switching from Android or iOS to Windows Phone 8, you’ll find this site useful, as will tell you if there’s a WP8 variant to you favourite application and how is named.

Lumia 820 here I come.

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