Hello… Keeping the trend of my last post- here, today I’ll present you another way to go to the Pyramids (and not only), virtually speaking.
Here you can access photos of pyramids taken as panorama. These images represent all the important places from the Giza Plateau, it’s a 360° tour, with a movement up-and-down and
left-to-right. It will make you download as executable files, due to the fact that it turns itself at 360° automatically or manually and it can be saved and used as screensaver.
You have not only the Pyramids but also you can have panoramic views of Istanbul and some other cities of Turkey, Cairo and some cities of Egypt and, from the scrolling down list, you can choose other countries like: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Mrocco, Macedonia, Kuwait, France, Holland, Belgium and, the cherry on top, Space.
The EXE files result clean when scanning with the latest version of Avira, so there shouldn’t be problems.
Well, this should be all now. Stay tunes for future posts. I promise that will be interesting. A lot!

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