Gotcha there for a second, didn’t I?! Well, these days, with all the new media that get to light, from a psychological point of view, one could get all tangled up, become addicted or indifferent to these interactive and interactional things. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and so on. I, as far as I can tell, I’m just not found into it, to Facebook especially, or Instagram, or anything on which I should put my private life in public view. I do agree and find useful, from the Arab Spring point of view, but just to tweet (don’t know if I’m using it right) that I had a latte, or made donuts or stupid stuff like this – well I just find it stupid and time wasting action.
But, back to our…sheeps! What about nomophobia?!
It’s a new fear, one of the 21st century, that is related to the anxiety of one to lost contact with others by losing the mobile phone, run out of battery or credit or getting out of the network coverage. Interesting, isn’t it?
Ok…but nomophobia? NO MObile PHOBIA
Well, after videogame addiction, computer addiction, the internet addiction disorder and others, this one I consider that it’s a real problem, more than the others because it sum all those in one, because with mobile phone you play, you surf and you talk. So…bingo!
I think that slowly we’ll become something like the character in “The Lawnmower Man”, Jobe Smith, which got… but you might wanna see the movie, if you didn’t see it till now.
Do you consider yourself a nomophobic person? Please share your thoughts in comments section.