I’m father of two kids. Being a parent isn’t easy at all, we all know that.
But I was wondering how can I give them some childhood memories, something to remember when they will be adults, something to… hold on.
I mean… I grew for a long time in one place. That became my infant place, a place I remember. After, at age 7, changed home. Another place in which I stayed till the age of 22. That’s another place that I remember and to which I can come back in my memories. Places, people, education, motivations, sentiments… I have stuff to hold on, to remember. Stuff of which I can say it belongs to me. I can relate to something in my past.
But them, our children.. can have something to relate to? The only constants in their lives are us, their parents, their grand-parents and relatives. But we know that this isn’t enough. Grandparents can be for a long or short period. Relatives…come and go.
Since I’ve emigrated in Italy (9 years ago), I’ve changes about 5 places. Now I can say that we’ve settled down to a place we can call home for a long time. But surely, when our kids will grow up, some needs (like teenagers’ intimacy and stuff) this house won’t fit the needs anymore.
I, we had a challenging childhood, with lot of space to run on, with animals, with needs to invent our toys. But them? I see nothing that can make up to our childhood.
Besides us, there’s nothing else that could mean a loved memory. I would love to be able to give them at least half of my childhood, half of joys I had as a child…playing soccer in the school’s backyard till 10 at night, making “dangerous trips” in the blocks’ basements, making up wheels bearings karts, growing up dogs in the backyard and other things.
What do you do to give your child/ren references? I would love to hear your opinions