Today’s my father’s birthday. He’s making 64!

It’s been 5 years since the last time I saw him. Due to some unpleasant discussions we (me against my sister, my father and my mother) I decided to cut off any connections with them.

They decided that my life isn’t going the way THEY wanted – in their opinion: I married the wrong woman, made the wrong choices, had the wrong child so.. for them I don’t exist anymore. Plus…I was always the last in anything they made up for us (three children, I am the last of them).

So I let them be this way. But it hurts cause a parent, mother/father should love their children without discriminations and distinctions and, further more, should be always by their side cause that’s the way life is. But why does it hurts? I know that even if I make the first step to make peace they won’t accept it because they are narrrow-minded persons, that can hardly change their mind. And after 8 years of marriage, a life in which I never asked of them nothing material but only love and appreciation, two well raised children, they still believe that my whole life is a mistake, me included.

But I still feel empty, sad. Why?