Hello everyone
These days I’m on a moral and ethic dilemma: how should I present the world to my children? Should I stay more on their innocence, keeping them in a fairy tale situation, letting them to dream more and care less or should I introduce them, gradually, to the cruel and real world?
I am afraid that keeping them more to the childish side, when they will be old enough to discover the real world, would have a mental breakdown, with the consenquence that they won’t be able enough to face the world.
My daughter is already asking me questions that – to my pride and joy, are more out of the fantasy and more into the real world. I said to my pride and joy but I’m aware that she (and her brother) must keep that innocence, that childhood state needed and which we all had.
My daughter is already aware that we work and we work hard to offer them the best, and she’s aware that her job will be going to school and getting good grades and become the right person with the right capacities, otherwise she won’t fulfill her job.
And she’s aware that money don’t grow on trees therefore she is not asking stuffs for her momentary pleasure. In a certain way she’s more balanced in asking than I am. 😀
At bed time we are reading not only good night stories but the history of Earth, mythology and facts about Universe. And she’s is asking for this.
So… should I be worried for not having enough childhood spirit in their lifes or should I be proud of being more to realistic side?