My new toy is an LG G2 32 Gb edition with a KitKat custom rom on it. It had some problems connecting with my home WiFi network powered by a Linksys WAG120N. It was saying “network saved, protected” but never making a connection. With another router (I have a bunch of them) was connecting quickly with no problem. With the main one…nada!
So, after some inquiring here and there on the net I found the solution. It looks like that KitKat needs to have connection on a stable single type of network – make it b,g or n type. It accepts only one type of network and not the mixed setting on your router.
Android Gingerbread had problems connecting to networks using WPA/WPA2 encryption protection. KitKat lookg like it has problems connecting to mixed networks. I saw that this problem is also on Galaxy Note 3.
Solution: go to your router’s administration page (normally you must type in an internet browser the gateway numbers or or then go to Wireless settings page and where is written NETWORK MODE choose the “…only” mode not mixed.
Be advised that there are differences between b, g and n mode and the most important difference is that the “n mode” gives a wider range of WiFi signal and greater speed so if you’re using your router to stream movies and photos to your TV using DLNA or other streaming methods, the “n only” network is suitable for you.
If you don’t use any streaming and you are freaking out for security and privacy you can use the “b only” or “g only” mode using a WPA2 encrypted password.