I’ve started to learn how to play the guitar and, as every instrument, needs to be tuned in order to sound well.
For me, with my guitar, tuning it is not a problem, apart the fact that sometimes I do the strumming harder or lighter, and it doesn’t come evenly. Hey! I’m still learning.
For those that don’t have a tuner and can’t do it the classic way there’s an app on Android, a good one – Tuner gStrings. And you can find it here on Google Play
After tuning the guitar comes playing some chords. And the first one that ever beginner learns to play it is the E chord.
These should be my first sounds on my guitar (which guitar you can see here)
These are the after tuning guitar sounds. Maybe could help someone like me.
tuned guitar on E chordmp3
tuned guitar open stringsmp3
Just do a right click on each link and after click the “Save destination as…” (or something like that).
It sounds a little bit distortioned, but still I’m learning how to play it and how to record it.

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