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Gotcha there for a second, didn’t I?! Well, these days, with all the new media that get to light, from a psychological point of view, one could get all tangled up, become addicted or indifferent to these interactive and interactional things. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and so on. I, as far as I can tell, I’m just not found into it, to Facebook especially, or Instagram, or anything on which I should put my private life in public view. I do agree and find useful, from the Arab Spring point of view, but just to tweet (don’t know if I’m using it right) that I had a latte, or made donuts or stupid stuff like this – well I just find it stupid and time wasting action.
But, back to our…sheeps! What about nomophobia?!
It’s a new fear, one of the 21st century, that is related to the anxiety of one to lost contact with others by losing the mobile phone, run out of battery or credit or getting out of the network coverage. Interesting, isn’t it?
Ok…but nomophobia? NO MObile PHOBIA
Well, after videogame addiction, computer addiction, the internet addiction disorder and others, this one I consider that it’s a real problem, more than the others because it sum all those in one, because with mobile phone you play, you surf and you talk. So…bingo!
I think that slowly we’ll become something like the character in “The Lawnmower Man”, Jobe Smith, which got… but you might wanna see the movie, if you didn’t see it till now.
Do you consider yourself a nomophobic person? Please share your thoughts in comments section.


Heya all good people.
Let’s start this week on the right foot with something to light up our live. Maybe not all of us didn’t knew about the posibility to have animated desktop on our PC (Windows Vista and Windows 7 only). First time came with Windows Vista and the utility was named DreamScene and it was available only for those with Vista Ultimate Edition. More details on the related Microsoft page – About Windows DreamScene.
What is DreamScene? Mainly it’s a continous loop of a video, that keeps playing on and on, with no big impact on system’s resources. The video has a mpeg or wmv extension and has no sound at all. Can’t be fastforwarding. Why I’ve “mainly it’s a continous loop of a video”? Because once downloaded the program to be installed normally accept only DreamScene video, downloadable for free from various sites listed below. But here comes the trick, you can set as background your own favourite video by changing only the extensions. I’ve tried with an “.avi” video, changing the extension to “.wmv”
Ok, but what’s the use of having an animated video as background when all your work is covering it up? Well, an honest answer I can’t give you…but it’s cool and has the “wow” factor in front of your friends.
Here’s a video of what you’ll see:

Ok, now let’s get to the links.
The first one is of the place from which I’ve downloaded the program – it’s free, works on both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can download the program from They have a gallery with interesting animated backgrounds, the meteorite is my favourite, and the butterflies also are nice.
The second one is of a site with a larger gallery, with a user uploaded gallery, an 3d animated backgrounds gallery (you can use it with cyan-red glasses) and windows 7 themes. Here’s the link From this site, unlikely the other site, your animated background will be downloaded as an archive, not directly the file, so you must have an archive extractor like WinRAR or 7-zip.
One thing I should mention is that it might not work on Windows 7 Started Edition due to the block of changing background – at least this is happening on netbooks that I’ve seen.
I hope that you’ll find this useful and I wish you all a very good week.

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Hello… Keeping the trend of my last post- here, today I’ll present you another way to go to the Pyramids (and not only), virtually speaking.
Here you can access photos of pyramids taken as panorama. These images represent all the important places from the Giza Plateau, it’s a 360° tour, with a movement up-and-down and
left-to-right. It will make you download as executable files, due to the fact that it turns itself at 360° automatically or manually and it can be saved and used as screensaver.
You have not only the Pyramids but also you can have panoramic views of Istanbul and some other cities of Turkey, Cairo and some cities of Egypt and, from the scrolling down list, you can choose other countries like: Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen, Syria, Mrocco, Macedonia, Kuwait, France, Holland, Belgium and, the cherry on top, Space.
The EXE files result clean when scanning with the latest version of Avira, so there shouldn’t be problems.
Well, this should be all now. Stay tunes for future posts. I promise that will be interesting. A lot!

My previous three posts:
New category: Hitchhiker on the net and The pyramids of Giza virtual tour
How it sounds? What’s that?! – Macaulay Library
About tuning the guitar and the first sounds on my guitar

Today I’m presenting you a brand new category. Darn it Sheep! How many do you want to make?! 🙂
In this category you’ll find sites, blogs, vblogs and other stuff that I stumble upon while surfing the net. Anyway I’m talking about generic stuff.
Early I’ve made a post about the Macaulay Library – that should be the pilot post for this section. It was received pretty well by my exclusive audience – and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Now… about the second post – about visiting the Pyramids of Giza, a place that is on my bucket list, but not for this year, not even for the next 3 years (too many plans to follow up).
The Dassault Systèmes – the sofware enterprise behind CATIA – computer aided designing program, created a virtual tour of the Pyramids and all surroundings, in collaboration with historians, archaeologists and other scientists. Surely it must been a very long and hard work and for this I thank them (who knows, maybe they will read my blog. Wow! This would be awsome!!). Anyway an impressive job!
Ok, without further introduction I give you The Pyramids in 3D.
For a smooth “riding” it’s recommanded a highspeed Internet connection. Enjoy!

My previous three posts:
How it sounds? What’s that?! – Macaulay Library
About tuning the guitar and the first sounds on my guitar
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